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A Vibrant Addition to Newcastle’s Food Scene

03 November 2022

Newcastle, the thriving metropolis known for its stunning beaches, captivating street art, and iconic ocean baths, has just received a warm and delicious welcome. The newest addition to this vibrant city is Banana Blossom, a delightful franchise owned by Andrew and Emily. Located conveniently in Australia’s second oldest city, just a two-hour drive north of Sydney, this new Banana Blossom store is set to become the perfect lunch spot for locals and visitors alike.

A Warm Welcome to Newcastle

As Banana Blossom opens its doors, Newcastle residents and tourists are greeted with open arms. The city, affectionately known as ‘Newie,’ embraces the arrival of this exciting franchise that brings a fresh and unique dining experience to its diverse culinary scene. With its friendly atmosphere and inviting ambiance, Banana Blossom invites everyone to indulge in a mouthwatering adventure.

Meet Andrew and Emily, the Franchisees

Behind the scenes of Banana Blossom’s newest venture in Newcastle are the passionate franchisees, Andrew and Emily. These dynamic individuals bring their love for good food and dedication to exceptional service to every aspect of their business. With their expertise and commitment, they aim to create a memorable dining experience for all who step foot into their establishment.

Banana Blossom Newcastle

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