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Our Famous Triple Chilli Sauce

The Life Elixir


The Source of Life

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Where it all began

Deep in the heart of Southern Thailand, nestled in the town of Nakhon Si Thammarat, a culinary legacy was born. It all started with Yai, a remarkable woman who lived to the ripe old age of 101.

Yai was renowned for her triple chilli sauce, and her signature dish, kanom jeen nam ya, was beloved by all. Her delicious dishes brought smiles to the faces of all who tasted them, and she found true happiness in the happiness of others. Her granddaughter, Nat, began helping Yai make the curry paste when she was around 5 years old.

Years later, Nat, with her partner Ben, began Banana Blossom Salads, and now the world can experience the same mouth-watering flavours that made Yai’s dishes so special.

A secret family recipe

The triple chilli sauce isn’t simply a recipe, it’s a beacon of tradition, ancestry, and togetherness. A closely held secret known only to a select few, it represents the culmination of generations of knowledge and trust. Those entrusted with its care hold a sacred responsibility to preserve its legacy and honour its significance. The recipe for this fiery elixir is more than just a formula, it’s a living embodiment of the people, culture, and history that created it.

Image of some red delicious chilli!
Nat Thomas making the Triple Chilli sauce with her family
An image of Nat with her grandmother Yai
Village in Thailand, Nakhon Si Thammarat

Add some spice to your life

Try the Triple Chilli Salad!