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What is SHRED?

We understand that different people have different dietary needs and preferences, and we want to make sure that everyone can find something delicious to enjoy. For some, it’s a way to manage their blood sugar levels or to support weight loss goals. Others may simply feel better and more energised when they reduce their carb intake.

That’s why we’ve added a ‘SHRED’ option to ALL of our salads and rice bowls.

Low-carb salad options

Same great flavour,
just less carbs.

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious meal, no matter what their dietary restrictions may be. We use shredded papaya and carrot in our ‘SHRED’ salads which is a delicious low-carb substitute for rice and noodles.

So, how many carbs
in a SHRED option?

It depends on the salad but here are a few examples below. For more detailed info, check out the nutritional tables on Our Menu page.

Carbs in Tokyo Classic with Tofu:
Normally: 24.2g
SHRED option: 16.1g

Carbs in Triple Chilli with Chicken:
Normally: 53.5g
SHRED option: Carbs 11.4g

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SHRED low-carb options for lunch and dinner

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Ask about it in-store,
or order online

The option to SHRED-ify your salad is available online – just check the ‘SHRED’ option, when doing your order.

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