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Meet our franchisees from Banana Blossom Canberra

21 June 2024

Meet Angie and Shevonne, two Canberrans who are bringing their infectious energy, experience, and passion for healthy food to the Banana Blossom family with the opening of the first Banana Blossom store in the ACT.

We had a quick chat with them to find out about their journey to becoming Banana Blossom franchisees!

What made you decide to become franchisees with Banana Blossom?

A&S: We started doing some research into healthy Asian salad options and discovered Banana Blossom on Facebook. We sampled some of their salads at the Macquarie store, and were very impressed, immediately falling in love with the brand!

After that, we then made an enquiry, and had a very supportive response from the Banana Blossom franchise team… and then we went from there!

What’s your vision for Banana Blossom Canberra?

A&S: We want everyone in Canberra to know about Banana Blossom, and when they think of salads, they think of us! We’re very passionate about promoting a happy, healthy lifestyle among Canberrans, and want to make greens and healthy eating more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Can you describe your experience with the initial onboarding process and the support provided by our franchise team?

A&S: Very supportive! The Banana Blossom franchisee team gave us all of the information we needed, and then the support they gave to get everything done was incredible. There are many franchise businesses out there, and the way they do things can be very different. In our experience, Banana Blossom has been very helpful and we feel like we’re all on the same boat – you never feel like you’re on your own with Banana Blossom, and there is a great sense of togetherness.

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a franchisee with our company?

A&S: First, fall in love with the product. When you believe in the product you’re selling, that will keep you motivated and fuel your passion.

And with Banana Blossom salads, loving the product is the easy part. Then just get in contact with the franchisee team and know you’re in good hands!

What do you think the main benefits of being a franchisee over starting a business (from scratch) is?

A&S: The food is one thing, but people do look at branding and it’s very important that there is a good name, and a good brand. And, as the brand grows, so does our business.

Lastly, what’s your favourite Banana Blossom meal?

Shevonne: This is the most difficult question – I have to say everything! But my first love and first choice is Tokyo Classic.

Angie: Black Magic! I really like the salads  –  they’re all delicious in their own way.

Banana Blossom Canberra is now open in Canberra Centre, on the lower ground food court.

The Canberra team look forward to serving you!

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