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Introducing an even lower low-carb option

02 January 2024

Hey there, Banana Blossom enthusiasts! We get it – everyone’s got their own unique taste buds and dietary goals. That’s why we’re stoked to share some exciting news from the Banana Blossom family: ’SHRED’!

Who said eating low-carb had to be boring?

We’re all about celebrating the delicious diversity in the way we eat. Whether you’re watching those sugar levels or chasing after weight loss dreams, our menu’s got your back.

Meet ‘SHRED’: the even lower low-carb option from Banana Blossom

Wondering what makes our ‘SHRED’ salads so special? It’s all about the magic of shredded papaya and carrot, swooping in as the low-carb heroes to replace rice and noodles. Not only are they delicious low-carb substitutes, but they also give you that satisfying crunch we all secretly crave.

Less Carbs, Same Awesome Flavour

We know you’re not here for bland eats. Fear not! With ‘SHRED,’ you get all the goodness of our classic salads and rice bowls, with fewer carbs. It’s like having your cake (or salad, in this case) and eating it too!

Fresh, Fun, and Friendly Ingredients

Our ‘SHRED’ salads and rice bowls aren’t just tasty; they’re made with love and fresh, quality ingredients. We’re all about keeping it green, both for your health and the planet.

SHRED-ify your salad or rice bowl today

Ready to embark on a ‘SHRED’ adventure? It’s easy-peasy! Just pick your favourite salad from the menu and add the ‘SHRED’ option. Got questions or special requests? Our squad is here for you – we’re all about making your dining experience as awesome as possible.

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